This step-by-step online survival course will prepare you to go hiking, camping and backpacking with confidence.

You’ll learn essential wilderness and bushcraft skills that make your outdoor adventure more enjoyable.

Most importantly, you’ll get the know-how you need in case of an emergency.

Come along, I’ll guide you through it.

Learn the methods and skills that could save your life,
or the life of someone you love, in an emergency situation.

Is this course for me?

Are you planning a hike or a camping trip with your family? Or maybe you’re looking to go on a solo adventure? Do you want to learn bushcraft and wilderness skills to enhance your experience of the outdoors?

Knowing basic wilderness survival skills will make your hike more enjoyable and you’ll be prepared to handle mishaps and emergencies.

It’s totally fine if you are a beginner now. That’ll change quickly once you enroll in my online course. If you already know some survival skills this course will sharpen your understanding and give you opportunities to practise and refine your skills whilst adding new methods to your repertoire. 

Just get on the waitlist and you'll get all the information you'll need before deciding if this course is right for you.  

Outdoor Survival Made Easy

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I’m Wilda and I’ll be your instructor on this course.

I love to teach curious people the practical skills needed to safely experience the outdoors. I’ve been through several survival and first aid courses myself and I’ve been solo hiking and camping extensively.

My regular job is in the army where I train recruits. Thus, I'm no stranger to harsh conditions. I live in the Swedish country-side in Uppsala but I try to spend as much time as possible in the mountains of Jämtland and Härjedalen. 

I've got an adventure motorbike and I'm halfway through a van conversion-project. I have a lovely boyfriend and a German Shepherd. Lucky me!

Your are more than welcome to read my outdoor blog and to follow me on Instagram.



Check out this super short video and learn the basics of lighting a fire with a ferro rod.


Learn the methods and skills that could save your life, 
or the life of someone you love, in an emergency situation.